Take a look at the most recent news articles about patient safety and infection prevention in endoscopy.


PENTAX Medical Europe introduces brushless solution for the automated pre-cleaning of endoscopes

PENTAX Medical has launched its new brushless solution for automated pre-cleaning of endoscopes: the AquaTYPHOON™. With this launch, PENTAX Medical takes the lead in standardizing the manual pre-cleaning phase for reusable endoscopes - promoting sustainability and infection prevention in the endoscopy suite.
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[Italian] Tecnomedicina - PENTAX Medical Europe launches new solution for automatic preliminary cleaning of endoscopes

PENTAX Medical has received CE Mark for its new AquaTYPHOON solution, a medical device used in automatic preliminary cleaning of endoscopes. Read the article from Tecnomedicina in Italian here:
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PENTAX Medical Europe to launch new solution for the automated pre-cleaning of endoscopes

In association with PlasmaBiotics, PENTAX Medical has gained a CE mark for its new, innovative automated device that provides an alternative to manual pre-cleaning of endoscopes – the AquaTYPHOON™.
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[Dutch] FMT - Product innovations to find balance between patient safety and the environment

In line with the ESGE and ESGENA position statement, PENTAX Medical is taking steps to make endoscopy more sustainable by reshaping its value chain. Patient safety remains PENTAX Medical's primary objective, against which the sustainability ambitions must be weighed up. Read the article from FMT in Dutch here:
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Umweltbewusst mit dem PlasmaBAG ECO™

Der neue PlasmaBAG ECO™ für das PlasmaTYPHOON System wird aus 80% recyceltem Polyethylen hergestellt und wird mit dem „Blauen Engel“ ausgezeichnet. Er ist ein Beispiel für die kontinuierliche Entwicklung in Richtung Nachhaltigkeit bei PENTAX Medical.
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Clinical Services Journal - Driving innovation in endoscopy

Michael Unger discusses some of the key healthcare challenges driving innovation in the design of endoscopy hygiene solutions and offers an insight into the ways in which industry is striving to help improve sustainability.
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PENTAX Medical Europe launches premium solution PlasmaTYPHOON+

PENTAX Medical Europe has launched a new ultra-fast endoscope drying and storage solution – the PlasmaTYPHOON™+. Designed to improve productivity and traceability, this premium model further advances endoscope reprocessing to enhance patient safety.
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